It's always good to put a name to a face so here we are. If you want to chat to any of the team you can use this number and just ask for whoever you need: 0845 269 4714.

Sean Leigh
Founder and 'SEO Maniac'

Sean has worked on over 20,000 websites and can probably tell you about every single one. He believes as do the team now that the key to success in Google is to work with them instead of against them. Sean loves 'Google' and will tell you so!

Daniel Green
SEO Consultant

Dan just sleeps (as you can see), lives and breathes SEO. You can't have a converstaion with Dan without him mentioning the project is currently working on. Enthusiasm is Dan's middle name so get in touch and let him inspire you.

Christian Evans
SEO Consultant

Chris is often referred to as a beacon of light by our clients. A no nonsense approach and giving clients all the facts to make an informed decision. Chris is the future of SEO at the company and will lead the way in the years to come.

Malik Shaqbikayee
Website Analyst

The right hand man of our founder and who Sean believes is one of the most talented website developers he has meet in 10 years. Malik can look at a website and explain succinctly in minutes how it can be improved and be more dynamic.