We love working with all our clients but here are just a few comments they sent us over the last few months. If you want to speak to any clients please contact us and we will arrange it for you.

“As a website development and creative agency we have probably worked with over 20 SEO companies over the years and all have eventually let us down or just not performed as they promised. For the last few years Sean and I have worked on multiple projects simultaneously and all have worked out great. SEO is in Sean's words is really quite simple as long as it's managed properly and the work is actually done. If you need this for your business speak to Sean first.”


“We have a great working relationship and I can ask Sean whatever I need to ask. Having knowledge of SEO enables me to quiz the team on what they are doing and I have to say everything always makes sense and works!!”

Mash Web Design

“SEO companies are a rule unto themselves and I have worked with many of the years, some ok, some definitely not ok. I would suggest you just listen to these chaps and it will become evident very quickly that they know exactly what they are talking about. In addition to this you can ask them anything, what they doing, how they are doing it and most importantly why they are doing it. SEO as I now know has to be Google transparent and I can tell you Sean and his lads are crystal clear all the time so call them! ”

Jo Wilson, Managing Director

“I tried at least 5 SEO companies before I met Sean and all of them were basically full of rubbish. Sean explained what he was going to and why and then did it. We have more leads coming from our website than ever and our staff numbers have doubled in 12 months. If you need to know about SEO then speak to these guys and get your business moving.”

Robert Simpson, Owner / Managing Director

Mr Sean Leigh has been known to me for a number of years through my capacity as a business advisor for Coventry City Council. On several occasions I have asked Mr Leigh to assist the city council in providing his services as a speaker at business events held from time to time. Mr Leigh is an extremely engaging and knowledgeable speaker on the subject of search engine optimisation. His talks have always been informative and entertaining. He has provided live and interactive examples of the expertise he possesses in abundance while remaining down to earth, focussed and relevant to the needs of the assembled business audience. I would have no hesitation in asking Mr Leigh for his assistance at any suitable future events or seminars organised by the city council's business team. I also have no hesitation in recommending him to the organisers of other such events or to anyone seeking advice on search engine optimisation.


Economy & Jobs, Coty centre & Development Services, Coventry City Council

Floor 12, Civic Centre 4, Much Park Street, Coventry, CV1 2PY

Colin Bull - Economy and Jobs

We were introduced to Sean by Colin Bull of Coventry City Council. As a company we have a very big website and it all seemed to much to handle. We had also used SEO consultants before but to be honest, apart from spending a lot of money we didn't see any return or get to the first page of Google for any keywords. Sean put SEO into perpsective for us and changed the way we used SEO. We believed initially it was all about lots of website visitors but in actual fact it's not. The training demonstarted that website visitors is one thing but website visitors who buy from you or book an appoitment is something completely different. Our website traffic has doubled year on year using Seans methods, however, we now get the vast majority of the new business we write from leads generated from our website. Simspons and our financial team would recommend any business wanting to be succesful online to attend one of Sean's training days. You will be inspired and motivated to get your website Google ready. Sean is great and knows just about everything to do with the Internet especially search engine optimisation!.

Simpson Financial Services Ltd